fight to survive

Our new topic is called: fight to survive. What do you think you might learn about?

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Antony and Cleopatra

What can you infer from this image of Antony and Cleopatra?

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Temperature challenge


What answer do you think is correct? Explain your choice.

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Manchester Museum trip

What was your favourite object on display and why did you like it so much?    

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What can you infer about mummification from this illustration?


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What do you already know about pharaohs?

This is a statue of Ramses. It was built thousands of years ago but it still stand in Egypt today. Amazing!


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prove it: ordering decimals

Explain how you would order these numbers. Write a short set of precise instructions.

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Spellings week 2 -tial or -cial

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Week 1 spellings – ough words

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Welcome to Year 6

Hi all,
welcome to your new blog page. We look forward to you interacting with it.

Our first challenge for you is this:
Image result for ancient egypt challenge

What jobs do you think Ancient Egyptians had? Were any of them similar to the ones we have today?

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