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Rhino horn trade debate

Posted by on March 7, 2017

What is your opinion on the rhino horn trade?

 Should it be legalised Рwhy?

16 Responses to Rhino horn trade debate

  1. Hamid

    I think it should be legalised because if we legalise it, more rhinos will live rather than having to be killed to take their horn. Lots of poor people can take part and get .

  2. Hamid

    And get money.

  3. Salah

    It should be legalised because the poor people who don’t have money could earn it by doing this. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be legalised because rhinos are disappearing very quickly.

  4. Khansa

    I think it should be legalised because rather than people selling the horns when it is illegal they can he sold and people don’t get in trouble.

  5. Nidaa and Malaikah C

    “No because it is their horn so it should be kept to themselves. Also it helps them because it defends them when they are in a fight.” Malaikah C said. Nidaa’s reason was,”Rhinos should be left alone and stop hurting their head just for money!”

  6. Toseef

    I think it should be legalised because if the trade is legalised then the poachers will be able to sell the horns they got illegally so they can buy rhinos and they can make a rhino horn

  7. Ibby k

    In my opinion, it should be legalised. The reason why is because legalising it will mean that the horns will be cut properly, without hacking off half the face. That means that the deaths will plummet and the illegal sale of rhino horn will vanish. However, carrying on how we are, we won’t have rhinos for long. Another reason is: we will be able to breed rhinos much faster without them being killed

  8. Afifah

    It should be legalised because you don’t need to kill the rhino you can just put the rhino asleep and cut it off properly so it doesn’t hurt.

  9. Dominik

    I think it should be legalised because the poachers are killing the rhinos to get the horn fast to not get caught, and the money from the trade can be used to build reserves to save the rhinos and other endangered species like: Elephants, Which get killed for their tooths.And the ban has failed so legalisation of the trade is the only option.

  10. Toseef

    I think it should be legal because if the ban continues on then the population will die slowly also if it is legal then people will be able to buy/sell horns to make a lucrative amount of profit.

  11. Nidaa and Malaikah.C

    I think it should be legalised because they could get professionals to carefully sow off the horn therefore reducing the pain they normally go through whereas poachers would be chopping off the horn without caring for the rhino and how it feels.

  12. Salah

    It should be legalised because you can get money (£43,000) and become rich, but we can take the rhino horn off properly.

  13. umar

    I think it should be legalised because it will save the rhinos and make poor familys have food

  14. Malaika S

    I think it should be legalised because the poachers only want money and some of them are forced to because they come from poor communities.

  15. Ibbyk

    In my personal opinion, it should be legalised due to the fact that we have no other option and rhinos WILL become extinct. Furthermore, it will reduce the amount of rhino deaths-excluding the natural deaths-.

  16. Saariyah

    I think it should be legalised because if people do need the medicine from rhino horn, they can get it without the rhino being harmed.

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