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Big question

Posted by on May 14, 2017

Frankenstein: man or monster? What do you think?

4 Responses to Big question

  1. Hamid

    I think Frankenstein is a man beacause it’s a mans corpse but just another brain. With the power of electricity, it gave his heart a little shock which could of made his heart start beating and that’s what made him come to life. He is not a monster (or at least that’s my opinion).

  2. Dominik

    I think a monster because he has created a hideous creature that has no skin but a leathery-brown hide and it’s as tall as one and a half a conclusion Victor Frankenstein is a monster because he created a monster.

  3. Salah

    I think man and monster because he is a normal ordinary male human, and a monster because he created a monster which was dangerous (he was a ‘monster’ which meant he was crazy).

  4. Huma

    I think man because he created a monster but it does not mean that he is a monster himself. He was born a man so he is a man.

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