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Posted by on June 20, 2017

What was your experience on Gem day like?

10 Responses to GEM DAY

  1. Ibrahim Khan

    Gem day, for me, was the best day in school out of the 8 years I have been here. On that day, I went to the University of Bradford and learnt many things about; how the system works, how old the buildings are and also, how kind the people are there. I think that everyone -that went to the university- will agree that coding the robots to move around was the best part of going there. However, I favoured the biscuits that they gave.

    • Ms Singer

      Biscuits are an important snack to every student 🙂 What would you like to study at university and would Bradford Uni be one of your choices?

  2. Rais

    It was an amazing opportunity to meet real life community workers also it was an experience of a life time thanks to year 6 staff so thank you MissSinger and MrLangly and all the other teachers.

    • Ms Singer

      You’re very welcome. Now remember to research sparrows and hang up your bird house.

  3. Malaikah C

    It was amazing because I learnt different things about the Telegraph & Argus like how the newspapers are made, what different jobs do T&A also we saw the newspapers from the 1900’s. They felt like dust and like wet paper and the different jobs were: photographers, reporter, and people who improve the newspaper.

    Thank you Bowling Park Teachers for taking us.

    • Ms Singer

      You’re welcome. We’re glad you enjoyed it and learned so much.

  4. Afifah

    It was a great day for me. I experienced how to become a teacher. The skills you need to become one are:confidence, patience, and many more other skills.

    • Ms Singer

      Those are skills you used well when teaching younger pupils.

  5. savanna

    it was a experience because a teacher is a dream to me

  6. Zakariya

    We learned so much

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