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Posted by on September 15, 2017

What do you already know about pharaohs?

This is a statue of Ramses. It was built thousands of years ago but it still stand in Egypt today. Amazing!


14 Responses to pharaohs

  1. Zara

    I know that pharaohs clothes shoes and jewellery are made out of gold

    • Ms Singer

      Yes, some of them. Remember that the clothes belong to pharaoh so you need an apostrophe for pharaoh’s clothes.

  2. Asra

    I know that pharoas are important people. Sometimes,they like to wear wigs. They also wear makeup such as eyeliner. They have enormous gardens, they usually think that there garden is the best.

  3. Zara

    I know that the pharaoh has lots of sevents

  4. safa

    They also had lots of servants that fanned them so the king didn’t get hot and lash out at them

  5. Zain

    I have learnt that the pharaohs used to use charcoal for the eye-liner

  6. Zakariya

    Pharaohs are really rude

  7. May

    I know that pharaohs usually wears eyeliner made of lead and oil mixed into one. I also know that the pharaohs had upper Egypt or lower Egypt to defend Egypt depending if your unified or just protecting one of the lands. The upper Egypt on the map is actually at the bottom because of the way the water moves.

  8. Zain

    I have learnt that pharaohs have royal clothes and lots of artificial jewellery

  9. Safa

    I think that the pharaohs had really bad punishments for the servants or the maids

  10. Alisha

    The pharaohs have really bad and horrible punishments

  11. keira

    The servants got treated very bad and they had them fanning the pharaoh (Ramses).the pharaoh wore really heavy amulets and they wore really heavy jewerlly

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