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One to One

This is our new one to one intervention space.

New Challenge – Features of newspapers

14th April – Holiday Homework

Have a go at recognising the simple, compound and complex sentences in this game.

This week, try this SPaG test before the session on Thursday.


We have done a shared write character description of Dad. Now use these skills and ideas to complete a description of any character you like from the book.

You can either write it in your homework book or post it as a comment on the blog.

4 Responses to One to One

  1. ismail

    When i go 1 to 1 it is amazing you get to do these things thtat you didnt and you can learn and when you are in class you get to add all thees things like punctuation and elipsees and drop in clauses.

    • zahra6lc

      i agree with you as some people might not yet know how to use tricky punctuation properly, however if in 1:1 you have already learnt about it, you can just skip the task and get on with your next one….

  2. martina

    so fun

  3. martina

    so fun

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